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All Motors are tested in accordance with IS 12615.
Type Tests
The following tests are carried out on one Motor in a batch production or on Motors specially required to be type tested as per customer’s requirement. All tests included in routine tests and following additional tests are carried on the Motor.
a. Measurement of Stator Resistance.
b. No Load Test.
c. Locked Rotor test at reduced voltage and Measurement of Current, Power input and torque of Motors.
d. Full Load reading of Voltage, Current, Power input and slip.
e. Temperature rise test – The Temperature rise of the motor after being run on full Load till steady state is reached is determined by 1.Thermometer method 2. By Resistance method.
f. Momentary Overload test.
g. Insulation Resistance test.
h. High Voltage test.
Routine Test
The following are the routine tests carried out on each and every Motor.
a. Measurement of Resistance.
b. Insulation Resistance test.
c. Motors are tested at 1/3 times the rated Voltage for checking the ability of the motor to run up to the full speed, when switched in either direction.
d. No load test. This test is carried out at rated voltage and the readings for current, RPM & Power input are noted.
e. Locked Rotor Test – This test is carried at a reduced voltage by passing the full load current and the readings for current and power input are noted.
f. High Voltage test.
Note : The meters used for noting the above readings have class 0.5% accuracy.
Other Tests
Apart from the above tests mentioned in the Indian Standards, following additional tests can be offered.
a. Over speed test – Running of Motor at 1:2 times the maximum rated speed for 2minutes at no load.
b. Vibration test carried out as per IS : 12075
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